Friday, 14 January 2011

Taking new year's resolutions to their limit

Hello all, welcome to my first blog post, hurrah! This year I have decided to become unstuck. Yes, for many years now I have felt stuck. While all my friends seem to be moving onwards and upwards in their careers, relationships, dreams and property buying I seem to be permanently STUCK! So, am I going to sit here and mope about it? No, Sir I am not, I am going to take 2011 by the horns (which is not the best expression for a vegan) and do something new* every month (or as opportunities present themselves to me), in an effort to become unstuck.

My target areas are:

  • Relationships. Yes, sadly I am still on the shelf, can you believe it?!
  • Creativity. I don't allow myself to unleash my potential here, possibly because I'm scared I have no potential to unleash. What do I want to do? Write (this blog might help!), I want to write children's books, I love children's books...Sing, play guitar, take good pictures. Yes.
  • Fitness. Now, I am pretty hot on this, but I want to find the one (or more) things I LOVE instead of sighing a little bit at the thought of it (yes, that's you running, gym, swimming and yoga. Actually not yoga).
  • Spirituality. Again, something I don't allow myself time to do. I aim to see and document the power of positive thinking and laws of attraction to bury the default grizzly, irritable me and to find God, whoever or whatever God is to me.
  • Cooking. So...very...bored...of...the...same...meals. This year I will experiment with all manner of ingredients and perfect the art of baking, which currently eludes me.
That's enough for now.

I will document my progress on this blog and see if my focussed experiment works. Please wish me luck and success!

*NB 'new' can mean anything from a new activity to a new way of thinking. Please send me thoughts on any new things you think I should try.

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  1. Well done you! Stating your intention means you're half way there. I look forward to holding you to your intention and suggesting you new stuff.